Columbus Legal Separation Attorney

A More Peaceful Pause in a Difficult Marriage

At Grossman Law Offices, our family law attorneys serve Columbus with accessible representation for all legal separations. We pride ourselves in our ability to work quickly toward a more peaceful, innovative conclusion to the most difficult of situations. Through thoughtful counseling, we aim to help you navigate successfully through the terms of your separation, facilitating a smoother transition into this new chapter of your life separate, either permanently or temporarily, from your spouse.

A legal separation addresses several items pertaining to a couple's separation, including:

What is the Difference Between Divorce & Legal Separation?

Unlike a divorce, a legal separation is not an official end to your marriage. During a legal separation, a couple decides to live apart but remains married for a variety of reasons. The advantage of legal separation is that it gives both spouses time to address the complex issues of a difficult marriage and come to a conclusion about how to best proceed.

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Dedicated Columbus Family Law Lawyers

Our dedicated law firm can offer you thoughtful, caring advice and counsel as to the best way to face the terms of your separation, negotiating on your behalf through property division and child visitation arrangements in order to protect your interests. In any case where you or your spouse are not entirely certain whether or not a divorce is the best answer, it is a good idea to consider a legal separation instead. A legal separation is easily reversed, should you decide not to proceed toward a more permanent life apart. A legal separation also facilitates a smoother divorce, should you decide to continue on that path, as it gives you the opportunity to negotiate the terms of your final separation ahead of time.

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