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Are You Planning A Move?

Planning a move can be a logistical nightmare in the simplest of times, and it only becomes more so when you also need to consider your parenting arrangements. Under Ohio law, a parent planning to move out of state must first notify both their ex-spouse as well as the court and meet certain requirements.

If the parent moving fails to do so, the court may intervene and order both them and their children back to the state and will likely penalize the parent for his or her actions. This can include granting primary custody to the other spouse or imposing stricter limits on visitation, as well as more serious charges like kidnapping.

Whether you are hoping to move to get a new start in life or if your ex-spouse is planning to move away and you need to ensure that they don’t disappear with your children, an experienced Ohio family law attorney from our firm can help you restructure your parenting plan to best suit your needs.

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Filing A Relocation Notice In Ohio

Ohio Revised Code 3109.051(G) breaks down the process residential parents intending to relocate need to follow in order to move without violating the agreements set out in their parenting plan.

  1. File a notice of intent with the court where they signed their parenting plan.
  2. The other parent will receive a copy of the notice, except in the situation specifically mentioned in the law.
  3. The court may schedule a hearing including both parents to revisit the parenting agreement and ensure that it is still structured in the best interest of the children involved. If the court does not schedule the hearing on its own, the parent who received notice may request a hearing as well.

Like all family law matters involving children, the final decision will be made with the children’s best interests in mind. The relocating parent will have a considerable amount of responsibility to prove that bringing their children with them is what’s best, and may need to restructure the parenting plan in order to allow the parent who is not moving to have enough time to spend with their children.

Let Our Firm Help You Through This Process

Modifying a parenting plan in order to work around one parent moving out of state can be a complicated legal process, but at Grossman Law Offices, our relocation lawyers in Columbus have decades of experience doing just that. Set up a case consultation with a member of our firm by calling us at (614) 344-4311.

We understand just how stressful it can be to fight to remain part of your children’s lives, and we are committed to fighting for your rights in order to secure you the outcome you need.

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