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Helping Ohio Parents Determine Parenting Time / Visitation

When determining child custody and parental visitation time, Ohio courts will put the child’s best interest first, which usually means that one parent will be chosen as the primary “custodial” parent to create stability and continuity. However, both parents have a fundamental right and responsibility to spend time with their child, and in most cases, both parents also have a strong desire to remain in their child’s life. Securing the legal right to a quality amount of visitation time is the best way to ensure that happens.

If you are fighting to preserve the amount of time you can spend with your children, hiring an experienced family law attorney is a vital step. At Grossman Law Offices, our Columbus visitation lawyers have helped thousands of individuals and families secure the legal outcomes they need ever since we first opened our doors more than 40 years ago.

No matter where you are in your divorce process, our lawyers are ready to provide you with the legal assistance you deserve. Reach out to us at (614) 344-4311 to discuss your situation.

What Are My Visitation Rights in Ohio?

Courts assume that children benefit when they have two parents actively involved in the child-rearing process. If you are the non-custodial parent, that means creating a regular “visitation schedule” that will complement the custodial parent’s schedule and the needs of the child. In some cases, extended family members and relatives such as grandparents may also seek visitation rights. Depending on whether you’re seeking joint custody or fighting to secure visitation rights with the custodial parent, you will need the assistance of an attorney to create an effective parenting plan and allocate fair amounts of time for each party.

When determining visitation rights, courts will consider the following factors:

  • Your relationship with the child
  • The time demands of your career
  • Any history of abuse, criminal activity, or violence
  • Your mental and physical health
  • Your residential living standards after divorce
  • Physical proximity to custodial parent
  • The wishes of both parents
  • The wishes of the child (depending on age and maturity)

Creating a Visitation Plan that Works for Your Family

If your soon-to-be ex-spouse was granted primary custody of your children, you will need to work with your lawyer and the court to create a visitation plan that will ensure you remain involved in your children’s lives. The court will seek to ensure that both parents remain part of their children’s lives.

We can help you secure the maximum amount of time possible to spend with your children by helping you navigate a number of issues, including:

  • Creating a visitation plan that works for you
  • Requesting modifications for previously created visitation plans
  • Helping you enforce existing visitation plans
  • Fighting back against unfair or unfavorable visitation plans

Should I Hire a Lawyer When Dealing with Visitation Rights Issues?

When you’re fighting for the right to keep your children in your life, you want to make sure that you have experienced legal counsel to help you work through any issues that may come up. Our Columbus visitation lawyers at Grossman Law Offices have decades of experience, and we are dedicated to providing every one of our clients with the passionate and knowledgeable representation they need.

Call our firm at (614) 344-4311 to discuss your case with one of our skilled lawyers or tell us your story through our online contact form.

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