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When a family-related issue needs to be resolved, tensions and emotions often arise which can cloud better judgment. During such a critical time, it is important to have a neutral third party who can ensure that your legal matter is resolved as amicably and effectively as possible.

Are you currently faced with a family law matter? Grossman Law Offices can be there for you during your time of legal need. We can help you remain level-headed and well-informed during the entire process. We are committed to relentlessly pursuing favorable outcomes while also protecting the interests of the women and men we represent.

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Backed By More Than 40 Years of Experience

Our team of Columbus family law attorneys has more than four decades of experience in handling all kinds of family law cases. We also have two Board Certified Family Law Specialists—as granted by the Ohio State Bar Association—on our legal team who can apply their expertise to your case.

Always courteous and ethical, our mission is to provide our clients with the step-by-step guidance they need to feel at ease about their situation. When you choose to work with our firm, we will carefully analyze all the details of your case to create and implement a results-driven strategy that reflects your specific needs, no matter how complex your situation.

We Proudly Offer Our Clients the Following:

  • Creative and strategic solutions
  • Swift response in all circumstances
  • Thoughtful stewardship of their financial resources

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What Is a Cohabitation Agreement?

A cohabitation agreement works similarly to a prenuptial agreement. However, the difference is the couple is not married; rather, they are living together.

The state of Ohio does not protect the rights of cohabitating couples, but you can utilize a cohabitation agreement in order to determine what happens to shared property in the event you break up. These agreements are often more enforceable than written agreements because relationships have no implied contractual relationship. A cohabitation agreement can including legal forms to help resolve the differences between the couple.

Normally, when a relationship ends and two parties are living together, they may reach contentious levels trying to determine who gets what. With a cohabitation agreement – much like the prenuptial agreement – the parties can detail who gets what in the event of a separation and the matters can resolve more smoothly.

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