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During the divorce process, the most important and well cared for part involve child custody and child support issues. Because there are many factors to consider—such as which parent will receive primary custody and which will need to pay child support—this an become the most stressful portion of a divorce. In many cases, such negotiations and arguments are incredibly contentious and require experienced legal counsel to navigate and secure the most beneficial outcome possible.

At Grossman Law Offices, our Columbus child support lawyers have spent decades representing families in order to help secure beneficial outcomes needed to move on to the next phases of their lives. Due to the complex nature of such cases, it is crucial to retain an experienced lawyer who can place you and your family in the best position possible.

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How Is Child Support Calculated In Ohio?

Ohio courts follow state law when calculating the amount of child support a parent needs to pay. The formula will combine both parent’s gross incomes although certain deductions may be allowed from each parent’s income, including:

  • Local income tax.
  • Spousal or child support payments for other former spouses or children
  • Value of a federal dependency exemption for the dependents in their household, excluding the children involved in the current child support payment calculations

Once these deductions are taken out, both parent’s incomes are combined and applied to a chart identifying the amount of support necessary to raise children in that income category.

Example: If one parent makes $20,000 per year and the other makes $40,000 per year, the parent with the higher income will be required to pay 66% of the child support.

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Fighting to secure child support payments can be the most stressful and most important part of your divorce case. Our child support lawyers at Grossman Law Offices have helped thousands of individuals and families secure the beneficial outcomes they need ever since we first opened our doors more than 40 years ago.

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