The Difference between Annulment and Dissolution

What is Dissolution of Marriage?

A dissolution of marriage in Ohio is considered a “no-fault” proceeding to legally end a marriage. Each spouse files a joint petition with the court, requesting that a judge review and approve the agreement which they have entered into. The agreement provides details of how all terms of the marriage are resolved, such as:

It is imperative to understand that both parties must agree on all issues in order to proceed with dissolution; therefore, neither spouse can contest the decision to divorce. This type of separation typically avoids conflict and is significantly quicker and less expensive compared to divorce, but it is not for everyone. For example, if you and/or your spouse have a high net worth, have significant assets such as a business to consider, or have children and have not agreed on a custody and visitation plan, a regular divorce is necessary.

What is Annulment?

Unlike dissolution, which necessarily recognizes a marriage as valid, annulment is a way to terminate a marriage that is not recognized by law. In other words, annulment makes it so that the marriage never existed in the eyes of the law because it was invalid to begin with.

The following are grounds for annulment in Ohio:

  1. One or both parties are underage
  2. Marriage consent was obtained through fraud or force
  3. One spouse is still married to another person
  4. The marriage was never consummated
  5. The parties are relatives

Since an annulment means that a marriage wasn’t valid in the first place, both parties do not have to undergo procedures to determine property division or alimony.

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