5 Divorce Myths Debunked

When we hear the word “divorce,” there are a number of things that enter our thoughts. It is important to understand that there are several misconceptions which people have when it comes to divorce. Whether you are receiving advice or support from friends and family, you need to be aware of the common myths that they believe are truths.

The following are five common divorce myths debunked:

  1. Having a baby can save your marriage. This is considered one of the most common myths related to divorce. Unfortunately, it is never a wise decision to have a child in order to prevent a divorce from occurring. While parenthood is a way to take a relationship to the next level, a new baby will only add to your troubles.
  2. Divorce is always expensive. Remember, not all divorces are created equal. There are many cases where divorce is handled outside the courtroom –with the assistance of a mediator to hammer out the terms of the divorce agreement and financial experts to conduct a valuation of property and assets. Couples can also work out most or all of their issues on their own, then have an attorney prepare paperwork for the mutual agreement, greatly reducing the overall cost of divorce.
  3. Women always get custody of the kids. While it is a widely held belief that mothers should always get custody, legally that is not the case. Both parents are entitled to equal time with the children. Furthermore, the best interest of the child also could prevent a mom from gaining full or partial custody. If a judge determines that a mother doesn’t meet the state’s standards for being a fit parent, she will not be awarded primary custody.
  4. There is a social stigma associated with divorce. In the past, divorce was considered a social stigma. However, times have changed. According to recent studies, over 40% to 50% of first marriages end in divorce.
  5. One person is the blame for the divorce. In most cases, couples simply outgrow each other, and they come to terms with the fact that it is not easy to spend their lives together. Both partners are the foundation of a marriage, so if the marriage fails, both are responsible.

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