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  • "I loved working with Andrew."

    I loved working with Andrew. If you have to go through this process he was wonderful to have on your side ! Very understanding and supportive of my case.

    Divorce Client

    I am so grateful to have all of you in my corner.

    Andrew & Team, Thank you for having my best interests. What a trying space this is. I am so grateful to have all of you in my corner.

    Divorce Client

    I so much appreciated your putting my mind at ease

    Dear Andrew, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how grateful I was for the time you spent talking with me. I so much appreciated your putting my mind at ease, and reassurance regarding my case - I walked away feeling like a load was lifted off my shoulders. Wishing you and your family a wonderful summer, and I sincerely hope our paths cross again!

    Divorce Client

    I appreciate your expertise

    Dear Andrew, Thank you for taking the time to see me and providing me with guidance. I appreciate your expertise which makes this experience a bit less terrifying.


    You are professional yet firm and approachable.

    Dear Andrew, Thank you for everything you did for me. It was a pleasure working with you and an honor having you represent me. You are professional yet firm and approachable. You were always kind to me. You did a great job negotiation my settlement. I am so pleased with the outcome. Words can not express my gratitude.

    Divorce Client

    I feel fortunate to have had you represent me.

    Dear Andrew, I really want to thank you for all you have done for me over the past year. You helped me remain calm & logical at a time when I had to make many important decisions. I felt confident in the advice you gave me. I feel fortunate to have had you represent me. I very much appreciate your kindness.


    I appreciate your words of wisdom and advice

    Dear Mr. Grossman, I just wanted to write you a brief note of thanks for your time and advice you provided for me. During this financially stressful and emotional time, I appreciate your words of wisdom and advice concerning my legal matters. Thank you again.


    I respect & value your expertise

    Dear Andrew, Thank you for listening to my concerns & worries, and witnessing my truth. I sincerely appreciate your attention, and energy. I recognize you're a busy attorney. I respect & value your expertise, guidance, wisdom and direct feedback. It meant a lot to have a professional legal confidant. Happiness, health and joy to you and your family. Thank you.


    I always trusted you as my attorney

    Andrew, I wanted to "thank you" for all your work and time spent on my divorce and contempt case and most of all for your patience with me throughout. I would like to also thank you for "putting me in my place" when I needed to be, I appreciate and respect you for that. I always trusted you as my attorney, but as you found out, I always needed to be reassured. All I cared about was my son, everything else didn't matter. I could never thank you enough for helping me get a better life for me and my son. We will consider you a friend for life! Take care and thank you again.

    Divorce Client

    Outstanding support from Andrew Grossman

    There simply aren't words to describe how pleased I am with the services and support provided to me by Grossman Law Offices, especially Andrew Grossman. From the very first meeting at Andrew's office, I could sense that he had the experience and skill that I was looking for. He respected the fact that divorce is such a terribly painful experience and he guided me every step of the way. I ALWAYS felt that Andrew was in complete control and was not surprised by anything that opposing counsel seemed to do or say; instead he was usually about ten steps ahead of them. Whether we were in phone consultation meetings or in actual court appearances, Andrew was in complete control of the situation. I simply could not have gotten through the ordeal without him. Having Andrew as my counsel totally eliminated the fear that I had previously felt -- when I worried that I just wouldn't know how to respond to opposing counsel. The support staff in Andrew's office was also very helpful throughout the process. Andrew worked to obtain a very successful outcome to the divorce settlement. In closing, I would give the highest possible recommendation for Andrew Grossman and Grossman Law Office. He helped me through a terribly painful time in life and achieved a very positive outcome. I simply couldn't imagine going through this process without him.


    The Best Divorce Attorney in Columbus

    I can recommend Andrew without hesitation as the best divorce lawyer in the city. He is the total package- brilliant, compassionate, honest and frank, with a great sense of humor. My divorce was handled professionally and was over as quickly and painlessly as possible. Since the time of my divorce in 2006, I have referred Andrew to a good friend who is currently in the midst of a nasty divorce. She told me she actually enjoyed her first day of trial because of Andrew's brilliant performance in the courtroom.


    We could have not been more lucky and grateful to have her as an attorney!

    Susan helped with my husband's court motions, and I could affirm that she is a reliable, professional, trustful, ethical, knowledgeable, and caring person. We could have not been more lucky and grateful to have her as an attorney!


    I've really been thankful that Susan was with me through all of this!

    Susan helped me through a very nasty divorce, and the subsequent multiple court filings my ex filed. Susan did a great job of listening and guiding me through the proceedings, and helped ease my mind. She always does a great job of being responsive, and returns calls and emails same day. I've really been thankful that Susan was with me through all of this, and I'll continue to work with her!


    Susan is an amazing attorney and one I will forever recommend to anyone who asks!

    Susan is more than an attorney! She cares for us, personally! Susan has been our attorney during some parenting time negotiations that started out simple and eventually became very complicated and difficult to negotiate. She is VERY knowledgeable, well-respected in the courts, and a tough negotiator for our concerns. At one point, our case crossed jurisdictions within the courthouse and Susan was there--without hesitation--to help us navigate and convey our needs to the court. I cannot express in words, how relieved we felt, to see her walk through the door when our world was seeming to turn upside down. On a moment's notice, she became a savior that day! Susan is an amazing attorney and one I will forever recommend to anyone who asks!


    Loved her! I highly recommend her!

    Susan was a pleasure to work with. She made a horrible situation a little less horrible by always being friendly and caring with my father and me. She was also very good about getting back to me in a very timely manner. I highly recommend her!


    Five shining star review!

    I highly recommend Tracy Younkin for his services. He has stood by my side over several years helping me get through several, unavoidable rounds of child custody battles. Tracy handles business with the perfect balance of focus on both business needs and personal needs. Going through a divorce/custody battle can be a constant, emotional roller coaster. Tracy, a proud father himself, helped guide me to make sound and fair decisions during those rough times, and stood up to "fight" for me when needed. He kept the focus on the best thing for the my children, and it all paid off in the end.


    I rely on his experience and expertise.

    Tracy Younkin has been my lawyer for six years. He has been asset for me in two divorce cases and a DV case dismissal. I rely on his experience and expertise.


    The first thing I noticed with Tracy was, wow he really knows his stuff!

    I found myself in a situation that I never thought that I would ever be in, my ex decided to go for full custody of MY son. A colleague of mine recommended Tracy (assured me that he was the best) so I thought, ok I will give him a try. The first thing I noticed with Tracy was, wow he really knows his stuff! Not only did he know his stuff but he didn't sugar coat what was going on. He made me aware of what was going to happen and what I needed to do. At the same time he connected with me and made sure everything I did was in the best interest for me and especially for my son. He is an amazing person and he is an exceptional attorney! I would even consider him a force to be reckoned with (that is what was confirmed by several different attorneys) If you are a person like me that needs someone on their side that will fight for what is right, you definitely need Tracy Younkin on your side!


    Tracy Younkin is a excellent attorney he has treated me like a long time friend.

    Tracy Younkin is a excellent attorney he has treated me like a long time friend. He is very trustworthy and will work for his clients. Tracy is my attorney now and hopefully I will not need any legal counsel again but in the case that I do I will call him every time.


    The best. I've had Tracy as an attorney for more then 15 years.

    I've had Tracy as an attorney for more then 15 years. He is not only the best attorney but he if also the most honest and upstanding person I know he has changed my life for better


    Outstanding attorney

    Tracy was one of the most professional, efficient attorneys I have encountered (I come from a family of attorneys). He took care of my divorce in a matter of months. After ten months, I fired my first attorney that accomplished nothing except large fees wasting everyone's time; with an office that doesn't communicate. On the other hand, Tracy completed my case within five months; charging less than I would expect for the amount of personal time he personally contributed. During this stressful time in my life, he always maintained accessibility. I have already referred him to several colleagues and will continue to do so.


    I can honestly say Tracy has been the best attorney I've ever had.

    I was referred to Tracy Younkin by one of my best friends I can honestly say Tracy has been the best attorney I've ever had. I will go to him for any legal counsel that I may need in the future


    I will recommend Mr Younkin's services.

    I have known Mr. Tracy Younkin for all over six year, I requested his Professional assistance and Legal representation, He was explained in detail what was needed and what could or could not happen; also he was present at the time of the hearings on time, and all verbal and written communications were on time. I also served as Interpreter for many LEAP clients and he had a great deal of patience and was able to explain the case and the steps to follow. I will recommend Mr Younkin's services.


    AWESOME.... Confident, and Proven Attorney

    Tracy is my Lawyer in a custody/visitation case. He has done a GREAT Job, for me so far.... I'm very pleased with how he works for you, communicates with you, likes to keep you in the loop. Having Tracy on your side, really helps keeps the Nervousness down because you know he is Well Prepared...

    Stephen T.

    Outstanding & trustworthy

    Tracy did an outstanding job for me in my very ugly divorce. He was always responsive to my calls and questions. He did not tell me only what he thought I wanted hear, but was very honest and realistic in telling me what to expect. He did not nickle and dime me to death as my previous attorney had done. I only wish I would have had him from the onset of my divorce proceedings instead of the attorney I started out with. I would absolutely use him again in any type of legal matter and have referred him to multiple people.


    Best attorney ever!

    Mr. Younkin is an exceptional attorney who considers ever facet of the situation and brings forth options and ideas for a legitimate defense. Along with his knowledge of the law, he has built a reputation as a trustworthy individual and a formidable opponent. Judges trust him and competitors fear going up against him. He is non-judgmental in his approach and shares an appropriate dose of understanding and sympathy to your situation. Bottom line...he's wicked smart and is just a good guy focused on doing a great job for his clients.


    I am extremely pleased with the way Mr Younkin handled my case.

    Tracy Younkin served as my lawyer during my divorce. I am extremely pleased with the way Mr Younkin handled my case and will use him for any further legal matters that may arise.


    His knowledge and professionalism is second to none.

    Mr. Younkin has represented me several times over the past 15 years. His knowledge and professionalism is second to none. He is the most honest and trustworthy persons I know. You can be certain he will provide you with the best council you can get. Rest assured If there is a case he cannot provide you proper service he will refer you to someone who can. I trust him implicitly!


    Expert, Connected, Knowledgeable....

    Tracy is a great attorney and a great person. Having used his services a variety of times, I have always been satisfied, and more often pleased. I recommend Tracy Younkin highly.....


    When my case took an ugly turn, she didn't back down and fought hard for what was fair and just.

    I hired Jodi after speaking with a senior member of the law firm where she practices. We felt that my case was simple enough (was supposed to be a basic dissolution) that I didn't need to hire the "big guns". He recommended Jodi as my counsel to be easier on my budget. Even though I paid less for her time, I felt like I got much more bang for my buck. I found Jodi to be knowledgeable, thorough, and succinct. When my case took an ugly turn, she didn't back down and fought hard for what was fair and just. There were some times where I felt the communication was a little light, but I think that it was for the better by consolidating communications to optimize billed time. Jodi maintained great composure, even in the face of difficult opposing counsel. She never sugar-coated her answers to any of my questions, and she ended up being nearly spot-on with the outcome of my divorce. In closing, I am very satisfied with Jodi's performance and would highly recommend her to anyone.


    Jodi was a real pro the entire time of my divorce case.

    Jodi was a real pro the entire time of my divorce case... even when opposing counsel was not a model of professionalism. Jodi never got caught up in the drama but was always there providing a steady hand when I was not as steady. She has excellent communication skills... not too much and not too little and very tactful at all times. Her advice was very practical and right on the mark. There was no question she could not answer. She has a very pleasant and positive disposition which is important in a business that is naturally unpleasant. I highly recommend Jodi in divorce, separation and child custody cases.


    Highly Recommended

    This attorney was awsome! She guided me on things to ask for that I did not know, and also recommended others ways of doing certain things that I would not have thought of. She fought for me to get above what I was asking. She was quick to respond to emails and phone calls. And she showed that really cared about you as a person, not just as somebody there to take your money.


    Excellent lawyer, would highly recommend

    I highly recommend Nadia to anyone having custody issues! I am currently using her services for the second time and she continues to impress me with her excellent knowledge and responsiveness !


    One of the most outstanding attorneys in central Ohio

    Andrew is absolutely one of the most outstanding attorneys in central Ohio, if not the entire state. He is smart, honest and kind, just to name a few of his attributes.

    Divorce Client

    A Stellar Attorney

    I highly recommend Andrew and Grossman Law if you are going through the process of a divorce. I was told to retain Andrew early in the process as he came highly recommended by friends and other attorneys and now I continue to recommend him to others. I have not been disappointed and am so glad I got to him before my spouse. Andrew is knowledgeable,extremely bright, logical, honest and ethical. Even though he is busy he always has time and interest in my well-being. Andrew has always been straight forward and compassionate. He also has maintained a great sense of humor and has made this difficult process easier for me. In addition, I have found all the staff at Grossman Law very helpful and responsive to my needs.

    Divorce Client

    Anthony Auten - Effective, Prompt, Ethical Representation

    Mr. Auten handled a difficult domestic situation where a spouse abruptly moved with their young children to another location and attempted to restrict/withhold visitation from the other parent. Mr. Auten made the appropriate decisions to utimately enable the children to return to their initial place of residence and create the proper negotiating positions to enable a fair and positive settlement both in parenting and financially. The opposing attorneys (3 in total) all made reference to the point of Mr. Auten's reputation and expertise which in itself was leverage for the opposition to settle. Had I had to do everything over, I would not have changed a thing. I was very happy with his representation.

    Divorce Client

    Thank Goodness I was working with Tony!

    My divorce was not hard but it had some strange challenges. Tony was very helpful in advising me from doing anything that would make my case more difficult. He also helped me figure out what to fight for and what to let go. He was great in conferences and negotiations and I felt I was in good hands at every step. Most of all, Tony is responsive but also very sensitive to giving real value for his time. I have recommended Tony Auten to many close friends.


    Best Lawyer in Town

    Andrew handled my divorce and he was extremely compassionate and caring and put myself and my families best interests first, but at the same time he was very aggressive and strong while providing results that exceeded my expectations. Andrew is very dedicated and provided excellent service and timely responses. One of his great qualities was how articulate and settlement minded he was. Everyone in his office that I came in contact with made me feel comfortable and were extremely helpful and professional.

    Divorce Client

    Best Advocate

    Tony is the perfect advocate--with an intuitive ability of when to play hardball and when to collaborate. He kept a clear vision of the "big picture" outcome of a case, even when my emotions diverted attention from the final goal. His easy manner made me feel at ease while sharing often painful private details. His ability to laugh and lighten the mood kept me optimistic and engaged in the difficult process.


    Outstanding lawyer!

    I changed lawyers and went to Andrew and Jeff Grossman. It was the best thing I ever did. They are very caring people and always put my interests out front. I recommend them to anyone having marriage problems.


    I loved working with Andrew.

    I loved working with Andrew. If you have to go through this process he was wonderful to have on your side ! Very understanding and supportive of my case.

    Divorce Client

    Thank you Attorney Khan!

    Attorney Khan did an excellent job representing me recently. I am extremely comfortable referring her. I feel a sense of peace knowing the defendant is not allowed to communicate with me in any way.


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