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Meet Our Attorneys

If you happen to call when your attorney's unavailable, it's good to know there are other lawyers in the office who may be able to direct you in an emergency.

Every case is different. Some law firms have a reputation for being fierce litigators. Others are known as negotiators. The reality is, you need a lawyer who has the ability to be both.

At Grossman Law Offices, you and your attorney are a team. Together, you'll decide what course of action is right in your situation.

Among our attorneys are two of the first to have been certified as Family Law Specialists by the Ohio State Bar Association. Another is a child advocate appointed by the court to oversee the welfare of children in cases other than our own. You'lll find more specifics in the individual attorney profiles, but suffice it to say that the awards and recognition keep coming— locally, regionally, and nationally.

Our staff includes subject matter experts in all areas that might be important to your case. They may be able to help you decide:

  • The best way to end your marriage
  • What financial matters might be at stake
  • What to consider before proceeding with parenting issues
  • Whether you should be seeking protective measures
  • What to consider in a prenuptial agreement

What does it mean to be certified as a Family Law Specialist?

Family Law Specialists become certified in Ohio through a variety of benchmarks, including continuing education, proven ongoing expertise, references, and caseload. Only a handful of attorneys have earned this distinction.